Welcome to the Tipple Taxi, brain child of Lucas Sinclair this converted black-taxi bar travels the country popping up at events and functions all over the gaff.

This vehicle of joy seats 5 people, plays music, has a screen for watching videos but most importantly serves cocktails for those seating inside the car, as well as those  outside.  The Tip Tax (that’s my nick name for it) can be seen at festivals, marketing & PR events, but between the 6th – 12th October can be found at Camden Lock as part of London Cocktail Week. Yes that is a thing, an amazingly wondrous thing.

As there is only 1 more day of this event left (I’m sorry, I know I’m crap), on Sunday 12th The Tip Tax will be in Camden from 11am – 6pm, if you have a London Cocktail Week wristband you can buy drinks at a discount, I believe you can also order a signature “£4 cocktail” as part of the event too. However if you don’t have a wristband I would recommend heading over to the taxi anyway, as there will be a photo booth, music and the opportunity to brag to your friends about having a cocktail made for you in the back of a taxi. Not bad for a Sunday.

P.S. The taxi is stationary while serving drinks, please do not think that you’ll have a personal cocktail maker creating drinks during the journey home, you won’t. Sorry to burst your bubble.




The Place: Middle Yard, Camden Lock, Camden High Street, NW1 8AB

The Time: Sunday 12th October 2014 from 11am – 6pm

Further Details: www.thetippletaxi.com or www.londoncocktailweek.com



It’s boring to hear but important to say, DRINK RESPONSIBLY you lunatics!

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