Carnival is almost upon us, 2 days (actually 2.3 days) of steel pans, colourful costumes and dancers embarrassing policemen, a brilliant tradition.

Now you might be thinking that the most important info to have at carnival is a map, so you can find your way around, you’re wrong, sort of. Perhaps it’s knowledge of the weather, so you don’t get caught out in another freak hail storm, you’re incorrect, kinda. Or maybe it’s updated travel info, nope nope no…but yeah. The most important thing to know while at carnival is where the toilets are, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t like squatting in the street, or if you have young children.

The Annual Notting Hill Carnival Celebrations Take Place

Lovely spot for a snog.

There’re always a number of portaloos dotted around, which is handy in an emergency, however the thought of using them is only slightly better then pissing in a bush. Regardless it’s good to know where they are, along with the businesses and homes in the area that will let you use their toilets for a small fee.

Below is a map of all the confirmed toilet stops in the area, we will continue to update the map as and when we receive new details.



We would also recommend carrying some wet wipes, hand cream, the smallest purse/wallet you can find, minimal electronics & a plastic bag that can double as an umbrella. You’d be amazed at how much some households charge for a square of toilet paper!

If this map helps to prevent just one person from wetting themselves, or saves at least one front door from being pee’d on then our work was worth it…we live in hope.


  • Images used from, &
  • Info used from Carr-nival mApp, Notting Hill App &
  • Map created using Google Earth Outreach

Have a brilliant time at carnival, stay safe and stay within 5mins of a toilet

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