Down a dark street off Bishopsgate sits the Breakfast club, where lovers of the all day breakfast and fairtrade smoothes congregate, & within this foody heaven you’ll find a Smeg fridge, a Smeg fridge which holds a very interesting secret…

To access this secret you must first approach a member of the Breakfast club’s staff and either say ‘Henri sent me’ or ‘may I sit at the “bar”‘, then like something out of a C. S. Lewis book the Fridge door magically opens from the inside revealing a hidden staircase and a guide to show you the way.


Once down the stairs your led through another door revealing The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town’s hidden bar realm, which includes exposed brick walls, a small but cute cocktail bar, art deco lighting, a picture of the Queen ‘blinged out’ and a Moose head called Randolph.

The music in the bar is funky but still manages to be eclectic, the staff are all very friendly and a dab hand at drink mixing, I’d recommend the ‘Yang Tao Smash’ which is a lovely mix of Plymouth gin, Grand Marnier, lime, mint and kiwi. You can also enjoy a number of bar snacks like the ‘meat balls on fire’ or head back upstairs to the Breakfast club and order from their fully menu (you will have to eat upstairs though).

The bathroom in the bar is unisex and the walls are clad with torn out pages from 80’s newspapers and magazines, you will also find that to exit the bar you’ll have to do so via the bathroom leading back into the Breakfast club, so best to do it 1 at a time so as not to arouse suspicion.

During the week the bar is open 12pm – 12 am, Friday to Sunday from 12pm – 4pm you can have brunch behind the fridge served with their bloody mary extravaganza.

You can email to book with your names, contact details and when you would like to go to or call 020 7078 9639


Find them on Twitter @Mayorscaredycat


The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town,

Behind Smeg Fridge,

The Breakfast Club,

12-16 Artillery Lane, E1 7LS

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