Joke time; What do you get if you cross a layer, a mathematician, kitchen utensils and a video cam? This (click the image to watch the video): PSY - LONDON STYLE

OK so that joke was crap, that’s what happens when you corrode away your funny bone with gallons of alcohol and cake, but I digress. Meet Hanbit (guy in the middle of the picture) one half of the Galbi Bros, the gentlemen responsible for taking the common burger, giving it a Korean style make over, then handing it back with a ‘ta dah’ smile. Has that peaked your interested? Good then I’ll continue. Hanbit and Moses met through their love of video making, after they respectively studied Law and Mathematics (the joke is starting to make sense now right) at Uni. Coming together to produce a parody of Gangnam Style, they came to realise that they also shared a love of food, and working together was the obvious conclusion of their meeting, plus it would be more fun than their original plans…smart fellas!1939599_607258606034710_967892211_n-facebook Using a traditional Korean marinade called ‘Galbi’, along with some other tasty titbits, they have reformed the usual burger & chips (& rice) with zingy, memorable favours that won’t make you feel dirty afterwards. The boys don’t tend to stay still for very long, so if you happen to be near any of the following places run up to them and scream “I NEED TREATS NOWWWWW” or perhaps just walk up to them calmly and place an order, so you don’t look like a mentalist.

  • Thu/Fri 11am – 2pm @ Tower 42 (near Liverpool Street Station)
  • Sat 5pm – 11pm @ Urban Food Fest (Shoreditch High Street)


Food porn

After more info, check out their website, or contact Moses at / 07753 304 650.

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Gastronomic wonders revealed!

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