The act of shopping has become far to easy now-a-days. You want a table, go online to Ikea, they’ll deliver one in 5-14 days. Looking for some glasses, check Argos or Ebay, they have thousands and sellers will ship within 3 days, no hassle…or at least minimal hassle, you never no with Ebay. The majority of us have forsaken our local shops for online conveniences, we should all be ashamed of ourselves, me included.

So what can we do to resolve this, start shopping in our locals again of course, and what if you could grab a drink or 2 while you’re at it?

Well guess what, you can, ta da welcome to The Shop NW10.

This lovely little establishment sells all your favourite beverages & cocktails, plus chairs, art, furniture and just about everything else you can get your hands on, except the  walls, bar and the staff (I’m guessing). What a bloody brilliant way to keep your local economy thriving, go to the shop grab a bottle of wine for later, some chairs for your mates and a beer while your at it, shopping is hard work after all.

It’s also a lovely place to go for a date or a night out, especially if you’re on a budge as the cheapest cocktail on offer is £3.50 called the ‘Size Zero’, great if your date is afraid of those pesky calories.

The quirkiness continues as the cocktails are served up in jam jars, except the ‘Shop Credit’ (great name) which comes in an old school milk bottle, and has a touch of wormwood vodka, topped with Prosecco, that genuinely sounds amazing I don’t care what else is in it!

We should all be more mindful of our shopping chooses, especially if they come with a beer bonus.



The Time: They open from 5pm-12am Monday – Thursday & 11am-12am Friday – Sundays

The Place: The Shop NW10, 75 Chamberlayne Road,  Kensal Rise, London, NW10 3ND

More details and contact: Check, Tel: 020 8969 9399, Email:


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P.S. the beer bonus is not free!

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