The Brunswick Club for Young People, Fulham West London


The Brunswick Club for Young People was set up in 1949 with money pledged by British Prisoners of War held in Oflag 79, Brunswick, Germany.

The strong traditions and values of the Club have seen it continue to thrive to the present day. The Club is located in Fulham, London SW6 and is now a fully purpose built youth centre, offering educational and leisure facilities for boys and girls aged from 8-18 years.    It has over 500 members, with a nightly attendance of 70 to 100, and enjoys a good level of support and respect within the local community.

Their aim is to provide a safe, friendly environment in which young people can develop their physical, creative, mental, and social skills through their leisure time activities.  In the short term they aim to help young people manage change and respond positively to challenges in their lives.  In the long term they aim to help them become confident, self aware and responsible young adults.


  • Providing a comfortable and safe meeting place for local young people.
  • Providing resources, including a team of caring adults with appropriate skills and training.
  • Providing social education in an informal setting and offering a wide variety of opportunities and experiences through a range of activities.
  • Taking an interest in the individual needs of young people and offering a reference point where they can seek advice and guidance in confidence.
  • Offering young people a forum for the expression of their views, encouraging them to participate in the planning and management of the club programme and in the affairs of the wider community.
  • Fostering stable social relationships and promoting the ideals of racial, ethnic and sexual equality.
  • Creating a partnership between staff and members based on respect and trust.

This place and those who work there are amazing, if you want more info go to


For who:

Young people from 8-18yrs


£12 for a festival day pass

Contact details:

The Brunswick Club for Young People, 34 Haldane Road, Fulham, London SW6 7EU

Tel: 02073854856


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Easter and beyond in West London for the youngens sorted!



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