They are a pop-up silent disco based in London. Using combination of iPhones, portable wi-fi networks, headphones, charisma, apps, sounds, shapes and spaces they create instant dance floors, momentary raves and transient music events in any and every place they can.


The concept behind fyi disco is simple; what if your iPhone could function like a pair of headphones at a silent disco?


Go here to find out how it works, then just follow the instructions and turn up at their next location. We run off battery power alone, which means we can pop-up anywhere we fancy, just be sure to charge up before showing up…


If you want to get in touch with them it means you’re probably a nice person, go on and say hello using whichever method you fancy, they’ll love you all the more for it :0)


Where is it?

fyidisco can happen anywhere at any time, for the most up to date information on their next location check their twitter or facebook.





  • Info from fyidisco.com
  • Image from theguardian.com
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