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Tom and Rich (the owners) were on a road trip across America and they stopped to re-fuel in Portland, Oregon. On the recommendation of a close friend they visited “this amazing local pizza place”, Dove Vivi. It was there they discovered a food sent from the heavens. Cornmeal crust pizza.

On returning from the trip Tom and Rich decided that working in an office should be avoided. But that eating great pizza should be encouraged.

They found a café close to Notting Hill that needed a bit of a re-paint. They went for some training in Portland. And then they took a punt, got some builders in and opened up, offering cornmeal crust pizza for the first time in the UK.

What does it taste like?

They use a cornmeal and flour mix in our pizza crust to give it a distinctive flavour and texture. The cornmeal makes their crusts stronger and more robust than a normal pizza, which allows us to be more creative (and generous) with their toppings.

Is it filling?

The cornmeal they use means that their pizza crusts are higher in fibre than normal, which makes them more filling. They also put far more topping on their pizzas, as they believe this gives them a much better flavour.

Check out the restaurant or website for further info and current specials. On Sunday 19th June the specials were Brie & Grape and Sausage & Sweetcorn.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 5:30 – 11pm
Saturday 12:00 – 11pm
Sunday 12:00 – 10pm
Eat in and take away

Telephone: 0207 792 4088

6 Chepstow Road,

Westbourne Grove

London, W2 5BH.


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