We all know that 2020 stinks, and we are all sick & tired of hearing about Covid and it’s far reaching consequences, so let’s do our best to live as normal a life as possible until life becomes normal again, starting with Bonfire Night.

Yes we cannot be present at Fireworks Displays but there are still a few displays happening…that you can watch online!

It’s not the same we know, but let’s try to enjoy what we can. Plus less Fireworks means less scared pets and animal which is nothing but a good thing.

Alexander Palace 

Ally Pally streamed their 2020 display on 5th Nov (yes we are late, we know), it is still available to watch, for free on their website HERE


Lancashire Fire & Rescue Services

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service know that the public need a Pick-Me-Up so they also streamed their display on the 5th Nov.

You can view their fireworks HERE


Unfortunately that’s all she wrote, all other displays across the Country have been cancelled including some Drive-In events that have been moved to December instead.


Future 2020 Drive-In displays coming soon


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