In my opinion the best part about going to dinner is the booze and the dessert. If I didn’t think my body would completely betray me by exploding into mounds of fat and zits I would live exclusively on sugar, it’s a dream I still hope to achieve (living on sugar is bad for you, eat your 5 a eat kids!)

Well wondrous happenings hath come to Soho, a pop-up restaurant serving only desserts has blessed Greek Street with it’s presents. it’s a Christmas miracle in the summer.

The Pudding Bar offers such beauties as blueberry & cinnamon baked alaska with elderflower gel (pictured above), and banana & caramel mousse, with walnut shortbread, caramelised bananas and white chocolate ice cream, expertly crafted by Laura Hallwood, protege of Gordon Ramsay and former pastry chef at The Savoy.

Pop in during the day for a quaint cup of a tea and some cake/s, or reserve a space for yourself and a some buds on the 2nd floor for dessert & wine pairings, the taster menu (you get to try 5 treats from the menu) or the cheese board, encase you just have to have something saviour

So why go through the rigmarole of starters and main courses, life’s too short, jump straight to the good stuff.



The Time: 12pm-12am Mon-Sat, 12pm-11pm Sundays

The Place: 26 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 5DE

Reservation bookings & further details: Tel 020 3620 4747, www.puddingbar.co.uk


  • Images used from facebook.com & thecuriouslondoner.com
  • Info from puddingbar.co.uk & hot-dinner.com

You might wait to prebook your dentist appointment before visiting the bar!

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