Another month another tube strike, I hope everyone travelling through London today is making good progress, or has found a comfy spot somewhere to kip for the night. Now don’t get me wrong I support the RMT, but sometimes I wish their form of protest were slightly more helpful then a hindrance, for example allowing commuters to travel for free, in so doing keeping the support of the public while still offering a form of non-violent protest…I’m just saying.

So with the tube being a nightmare at the moment I wanted to find some alternative ways of travelling through the Capital, examples:

  • Boris Bikes (or Barclays cycle hire): if you can find one to use they are really handy and you don’t even need to register to use them, although if you want to use them regularly it would make sense to register as a member of the hire scheme. There’re docking stations all over the place, including 150 new stations throughout south west London, and free if you only use the bikes for 30mins at a time, FREE, love it.
  • River Taxi: You didn’t know the river had a taxi, well welcome to a brand new world my friend. Thames Clippers offers a 20min service  between all the major piers including Waterloo, London Bridge and Canary Wharf, extending out to Putney, Woolwich and Vauxhal. Single tickets start from £4.00, a little pricer for Returns but you get a discount if you use a Pay As You Go Oyster Card. Imagine your day beginning with a calming river ride, avoiding all the traffic, lovely stuff.
  • Liftsharing: Who knew this was a thing in London, but apparently liftsharing is becoming more popular and is environmental-friendly. There’re a number networks and organisations arranging carsharing, so if it’s a route you plan to go down make sure you do your homework, don’t get into any old car and stay safe. Here are a few sites I’ve found;,,
  • Skating & Scootering: We’ve all seen people (adult people) scooting down the road after dropping the kids to school, or in the city going to and from work, and you have to admit that it looks like crazy fun. 60mins of scooting action can burn between 800 – 1000 calories (depending on your weight, height etc etc) , that alone sounds better then fighting your way onto a bus, and they aren’t that expensive, on‘s site prices start from roughly £60.00, however if that is a little to steep you could try for a bargin, or, a bloody brilliant site were you can get things for free…there’s that word again.
  • The same can be said for skating, you can burn a crap load of calories, laugh at those waiting at the bus stops and look pretty darn cool while you do so. starting prices for rollerskates are from £50.00, £80.00 for rollerblades, however there’re a number of other wheelie retails through London and the interweb.
  • The other alternative is walking or Running, which is excellent cardio and again FREE. Believe it or not but there’re a few walking clubs around London and the U.K., along with running groups, why not band together and make the journey to and from work more sociable. Check out, or start your own groups at


Best of luck fellow Londoners, we’ll get through this together!


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