On November 5th 2013 the group Anonymous are inviting everyone to don a mask and gather for a friendly meeting of minds in Trafalgar square, followed by a SILENT stroll to Parliament, some music in the form of  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture then a tea party to finish off the evening.

The march, which is a global event, will also take place in Nigeria, Washington,  Romania, India, Melbourne, El Salvador plus numerous other cities World wide on the 5th.

The aim of the gathering is to meet and greet like minded people to exchange and share ideas. All are welcome and a blockade of the streets of West London the desired result…however the ukanonymousevents.com website have stated that should the streets become gridlocked emergency services will get through should they need to.

If you have a spare mask (or not) and feel like some tea and a chat in front of the Houses of Parliament then head down to Trafalgar Sq at 6pm on Tuesday 5th November…a revolution is afoot.

For more info have a look at www.ukanonymousevents.com and www.facebook.com/MillionMaskMarchLondon/info.

  • Info and images used from ukanonymousevents.com and facebook.com/MillionMaskMarchLondon/info


Peaceful exchange of ideas Revealed!

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