Sweet treats don’t always come covered in icing, on occasion they’re served grilled to perfection, so for those who did not fancy my last post about cakes and tarts perhaps this one will be more to your liking.

Welcome to Meatopia, this event could literally be the carnivores holy land.

2 days of meaty goodness with more than 30 chefs showing off their skills, live music & demos, art installations and parking for 800 cars, in a venue that can hold 10,000 people. Not bad huh.

The professionals who have chosen to take part in Meatopia have been sworn to follow these sacred principals:

  • We promise…real fire – all meat must be cooked over logs or hardwood charcoal only.
  • …nothing but the best – all the animals must have lived natural, cruelty free, hormone and anti-bioticless lives.
  • …ethically sourced meat – all the animals must have been reared and butchered as close to where they lived as possible, and sourced from as nearby as possible.
  • …nose to tail treats – every possible cut of meat will be available, so expand your horizons.
  • …the best in beverages –  only the finest artisan drinks will be on offer.
  • &…live music and entertainment – exactly what it says on the tin.

If it is your fantasy to be surrounded by barbecues and racks of beef (again take that anyway you want) then head on down to Wapping, the meat sweats are a guarantee.


The Time: Sat 6th & Sun 7th Sept, from Midday – 9pm

The Place: Tobacco Docks, 50 Porters Walk,  Wapping, London E1W 2FS

Tickets: Can be purchased from here.

Contact & further details: Have a nosy at www.meatopia.co.uk.


  • Images used from facebook.com
  • Info used from meatopia.co.uk & foodepedia.co.uk


Don’t eat anything for at leat 24hrs before you go, you’ll need the space!

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