Marcus Rashford’s End Child Food Poverty Campaign

We are all aware of Marcus Rashford’s efforts to make sure that no child goes hungry during the School holidays, and thanks to an ever growing list of restaurants, food suppliers and supermarkets – Despite the current financial hardships on many businesses – who have pledged to offer children free meals across the Country, his and the Child Food Poverty Task Force’s’ efforts will help 1000s of kids and teenages during Half Term.


We have added the Free School Meals Map below, if you know of any other businesses that wish to help please submit their details to: Kidsmealsform



We have included a link to the End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry Petition encase you would like to consider adding your signature:


No child should ever go hungry, ever, you and your colleagues are doing amazing work Mr Rashford. Thank you.


To find out how you can help more vulnerable children please visit the links below:





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