It’s Sunday, you’ve spent the day getting your things ready for work tomorrow, the weekend is basically over, and the depressive thought of another Monday morning has begin to wash over you, what is there left to look forward to?

How about a thrilling taste of Asia, in new comfortable surroundings, without the hassle of queueing or the possibility of a rude waiter. Sounds good right, well let me make this Sunday adventure more appealing by telling you there’ll be 8 course, that’s right 8 delicious courses of which you will not have to wash 1 dish, soak 1 pan nor will you have to tie a bin bag full of remains…have I got your attention, good.

Malaysian By May host regular Supper Clubs were you can experience beautifully crafted Malaysian fusion cuisine, and meet new people as the seating is communal. Unfortunately they cannot accommodate vegans or vegetarians as sub-ing the ingredients is a complete pain in the bum, that’s not to say it won’t be a possibility in future however, watch this space, maybe.

If any of this tickles your buds, (take that anyway you want) then I highly recommend that you contact the good people at Malaysian By May to reserve yourself a seat.

Lets start making Sundays more then just the ‘mental prep for Monday’s’ day!



The time: 6.30pm Sunday 31st Aug 2014 (for future dates please check their website)

The Place: Kuriya Keiko, Studio 7, The Studios Islington, 6 Hornsey Street, London N7 8GR

The Cost: £38 and BYO

Contact:, email


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Super semi secret supple club revealed, try saying that 3x fast.

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