Yes I am about to talk about another beer festival, and no I don’t have a problem with drink…I think, but as this is a Vegan festival I’m hoping you won’t be too mad at me. Started in 2013 by Fat Gay Vegan (that’s the name of his blog) and the Messy Vegetarian Cook (that’s the name on her blog too), London Vegan Beer Fest was created to bring their love of non-animal based treats to the masses.

Held in ever trendy Bethnal Green, the event will play host to a number of UK based Vegan/Organic breweries, and there’ll be a completely vegan BBQ. Beer, food, sunshine and music, plus the knowledge that no wee little beauties were harmed or used to produce the goodies.

A few things to remember on the day:

  • No ID no entry- though all ages are welcome only 18+’s will be served booze, don’t be an arse and think you can blang it.
  • It’s a ticket event so make sure you get yours nice and early- this only gets you through the doors, yummy goods are a wee bit extra.
  • Cash only- no plastic or cheques welcome, at least you can keep an eye on what your spending.
  • A zero tolerance policy will be in effect- act a prick and your backside is outer there!


For more info and details regarding tickets have a nosy at

P.S. There’re a few £5 early bird tickets left, shhhhhhhhhhhh


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Animal approved fun day revealed.


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