Jasmine Journey Photography

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Born in North West London Hannah showed a keen interest in photography from an early age, displaying an eagerness to fill every roll of film she could get her hands on long before digital cameras became the norm.  This childhood fascination has now become a deep passion, a desire to perfect her craft and a search to capture the special moments that she discovers on her journey.

A keen traveller from a multicultural background, Hannah’s influences are drawn far and wide from a variety of cultures and places such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia, which are often reflected in her creativity within photography, her ability to adapt to new surroundings and connect with people from all walks of life.

Work to date has included band shoots, portraiture, family photos, parties, events and conferences, examples of which can be seen in the Gallery section of the site.

Hannah has covered many events organised by Paul Hillyer including the Eastbourne Festival, Chipmunk and N Dubz.

For further info on working with Hannah, or to discuss any projects you’d like her to undertake please contact her at hannahanketell@yahoo.co.uk or via her website www.jasminephotos.com

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