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I loves me some magic and mystery, I wish I could have gone to see David Copperfield (the illusionist not the pseudo-fictional character) as a youngster, especially ‘The Magic of David Copperfield X, The Bermuda Triangle’ that show completed messed with my mind, he disappeared into a glass triangle in the middle of the ocean then reappeared, again in the middle of the ocean, with a plane, A PLANE…the guy was the business, but I digress, again.

Primo bar by Westminster Bridge hosts live music and entertainment every night, on Friday 19th Sept Richard ‘Magical Bones‘ Essien takes to the stage, bringing his unique blend of magic, dance and hip hop culture to the masses. Formally a professional dancer so you needn’t worry about any ‘dad at a wedding’ styling moves on the night.

Impressing the likes of Richard Branson and Jonathan Ross he has been dubbed the “most exciting talent to have emerged from the magic industry in recent years”, E4 your new magician has arrived, sorry Troy!



The Time: 8pm Friday 19th September 2014

The Place: Primo Bar, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London SE1 7UT

Tickets: It’s free baby!

Further Details & Contact: Check & for details, email: or


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