Ever wanted to see how a 3D printer worked, or dreamed of using a laser cutter (no not as a light sabre…though it would be kinda cool), then look no further folks, welcome to Machines Room.

Based in East London, the Machines Room is a makers space filled with all kinds of wonderful gadgets and things to create with. Covering 2000 sq ft, the space is also used for showcases, meetups & product launches.

The amazing thing about this company is that they will let you use all of their machinery for *FREE*, however (there is always an ‘however’) they’re only free at specific times, everything you make during the free time slots has to be publicised on the company’s website & social media pages, and you can only use the equipment after completing a introduction session, which is fair enough. The last thing you want to do is receive 3rd degree burns while turning on the heat press because you didn’t know what you were doing.
Equipment available includes:
  • A 3D printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Heat Press
  • Embroidery machine
  • Digital kiln
  • A desktop miller, and a lot more stuff.

You will also have to purchase the materials, of which they have a wide verity, or I believe you can bring your own.

If your project is top secret, and you don’t want the competition eyeing up your prototype, then the paid time slots are for you. All sessions have to be booked in advance, you can’t rock up one morning saying, you had a dream about how to make a Star Trek style holodeck for public use, and must start creating, it’s not going to happen genius!
So for all you creative masterminds who never thought your ideas would see the light of day, now’s your chance to get making.
The Times: 
Free days are on Friday’s & Saturdays, you can book up to 4 hours with a machine if it is available.
Commercial (paid) days are Tuesdays – Thursday, again booking is required. From £25 per machine booking.
A health and safety introduction must be completed before using the Machines Room, these are every Saturday from 11am-2pm and must also be prebooked.
The Place: Machines Rooms, Limewharf Annex, 45 Vyner St, Hackney, E2 9DQ
More details: Check out www.machinesroom.org
  • Images used from the machinesroom.org facebook and instagram pages.
  • Info used from machinesroom.org
Flipping AWESOME thing to do, for FREE, revealed…I can’t wait to visit this place!
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