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Imagine a Drive-In Cinema but without the cars! People ride to the screening on their two-wheeled beasts, hook their bicycle to the generator and power the performance. The movie soundtrack will be broadcast using a wireless transmitter allowing audience members to ‘tune-in‘ to the performances using their mobile phones or radios.

This magnificent Cycle-In Cinema also won’t cost the earth. The electricity for the screenings will be produced by the cyclists – you, your friends and neighbours and most of the equipments will be delivered on bikes and trailers.

Cycle-In Cinema will be a programme of 12 pedal-powered screenings in four London boroughs throughout 2011. The cinemas could take place anywhere! They will resurrect the abandoned corners of the capital and weave some magic into our local lidos, squares, rooftops and playgrounds. Cycle-In Cinema is an opportunity to bring communities together to take pride in their local areas, have some fun and experience something new and inspiring.

The next Screening will take place as part of the InTransit Art Festive on July 31st on Portobello Road.

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