October is Black History Month in Britain (February for the States and Canada), so a friend of mine asked whether I wanted to go on 1 of the Black History Walks with him, ashamed and embarrassed that I knew nothing about such tours I just stood there and nodded like a prick, desperate for him to bugger off for 2 mins so I could do a quick Google search which would allow me to find relevant words to use in intelligent conversation.

4 hours of pathetic nodding later I managed to get on online and found , who offer walks through Notting Hill, the City of London, Elephant & Castle and various other sites around London that have been touched by the presence of Africans and Caribbean’s in the city for centuries.

Each walk lasts roughly 2 hours, walks at each location happening at different times of the month, the website has all the details you’ll need for an informative and enlightening day out:

£9 for Adults, £3 for Children

All tours must be booked in advance, please state the number in your party at the point of booking.

Our history is what shaped us, but the future of our civilization can only be achieved through unity

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