How Far Can You Walk From Trafalgar Square Without Crossing A Road?

“Until the arrival of motorised transport London was mainly a walking city. There are now signs of a revival thanks to traffic calming measures and the increasing realisation that walking is not only an easy option to keep fit but also a great way to enjoy the delights of the most exciting city on the planet. Transport for London which, believe it or not has a statutory duty to promote walking, is now taking its role seriously.”


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Free thing to do in London, Revealed!

The Scoop Get Fit for Free, Between London Bridge and Tower Bridge

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Get fit for Free – Body Attack

Wednesdays 15 June – 20 July

The idea of going along to something called ‘Body Attack’ doesn’t sound incredibly appealing, does it? Well, let me tell you, once you’ve had a go, the sense of achievement and sense of ‘you’ve done something that is good for you’, makes you feel GRRrrrreat. So, what is it?…Body Attack is a high energy, intense cardio vascular exercise programme guaranteed to get you results.

For your first class please turn up 10 minutes before as you will have to register and complete a Par-q form.  Classes are limited in size; therefore it will be run on a first come first served basis.


Get fit for Free – Xtreme Challenge

Wednesdays 27 July – 31 August

A high intensity circuit style type boot camp class.  Combining strength and cardio vascular training, coupled to give you an intense and invigorating workout. This class is ideal for people who have attended other styles of Boot Camp/Circuits on more than one occasion and who are looking for the next step to Xtreme fitness.

For your first class please turn up 10 minutes before as you will have to register and complete a Par-q form.  Classes are limited in size; therefore it will be run on a first come first served basis.


The Scoop amphitheatre seats 800 and hosts events from free films, free music and free theatre to local community events and activities.

Check the website for updates

Hidden thing to do in London, Revealed!



The Summer House, Maida Vale West London

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‘Pop-up’ has become one of the most abused terms of the last year. Recent ‘pop-ups’ have included a caff-for-a-week used to promote a brand of baked beans; another was a caff used to promote a make of frying pan. For these self-styled ‘pop-ups’, you and I are merely marketing opportunities.

Quite when a ‘pop-up’ becomes a proper restaurant we’re not sure, but Summerhouse describes itself as a ‘pop-up’ even though it’s a permanent installation which closes over the less clement winter months. This prime canal-side site – formerly Jason’s – has had a big makeover, and its open side (covered on our visit by roll-down French café canopies) make it a choice spot on balmy summer evenings.

The new owners also run another canal-side restaurant nearby, The Waterway, and they’ve opted for a simple seafood menu. Service on our visit was professional, but the kitchen none too quick; we waited nearly an hour for our starters. The best of these was deep-fried calamari, but ‘popcorn shrimp’ was disappointing, resembling that ’70s pub and motorway services favourite, scampi.

Blandness seemed to be a keynote of many ingredients, from those used in a prawn and avocado cocktail ‘with bloody mary sauce’ to a ‘mango salsa’ accompanying a swordfish steak ciabatta. It was the simplest of dishes that were the best exectuted: beer-battered cod and chips with plump chips and mushy peas, and a sirloin steak, which was juicy and not overcooked.

Puddings include retro delights such as knickerbocker glory or crêpes with banana and chocolate, both echoing the seaside theme of the interior. The well-heeled locals were lapping it up.


Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 12pm – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 11pm

Tel: 020 7286 6752


The Summerhouse,
Opposite 60 Blomfield Road,
London W9 2PA



Hidden thing to do in London, Revealed!