Don’t swing your axe around like that



Had a hard day at work?

Need to let off some steam?

Want to throw an axe at something but don’t want to go down for distruction of public property or murder?

Well then me thinks you need to spend a few hours at Whistle Punks, an axe throwing party for all.

After some safety training from Whistle’s in-house throwing coaches you’ll be able to let rip on the wooden targets along with your friends, just remember to keep the competitiveness friendly, axes are no joke people.


The Place:  Arch 25 Handel Business Centre, 73 Bondway, Vauxhall SW8 1SQ

The Time:  Confirmed when booking tickets, Sundays are considered Off Peak times.

Tickets:  Ticket prices start from £22 during Off Peak times and £29 during Peak Bookings can be made here






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Yoga with Dinosaurs


Enjoy a bit of yoga, then why not pop over to a class in the National History Museum this summer.

For 3 dates only you’ll have the chance to workout in the presents of Million year old bones and fossils, have a relaxation session towards the end of the class and then have the chance to enjoy an exhibition or gallery before the museum opens to the public for the day.



If this sounds like your cup of tea then click here to book a session, don’t forget to bring your mat!


Where:  The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD


3 June 2018 08.15-09.30 
15 July 2018 08.15-09.30
19 August 2018 08.15-09.30

How much: £35, £31.50 for Museum members

Time: 8.30am (last entry 8.15am) – 9.30am

Ages: 16 and older



Chel-Ski Ski-Fit


Skiing and fitness go hand-in-hand, needless to say if you don’t have a reasonable level of fitness then skiing is going to be difficult, trust me I learnt that the hard way.



Chel-Ski in Fulham have introduced a new exercise class that teams Core & Strength Exercises with practical indoor slope experience, so not only are you getting some slope time in you’re also throwing some additional cardio in there for good measure.

Get 2 taster sessions, fully qualified tutor included, for 20 quid here.



The Time:  Tuesdays and Saturdays 8am-9am & 9am-10am

The Place:  4 Sotheron Place, Michael Road, London SW6 2EJ

Price:  2 trial classes for £20

Contact: email:





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One 10 Cycle


Cycle classes have just been upgraded from ‘hmm’ to ‘Yeah OK’, gone are the days of boring sessions and an hour of repetitive motion, it’s time to inject some excitement and technology into your ride.


At One 10 Cycle every pedal you push is recorded so you can keep track of your progress and achievements.

There’re 2 types of classes on offer at One 10, Paceline which is a fast paced, HIIT style workout where you can live track your progress against your fellow riders, and Nirvana which focuses more on an immersive full body work, where you move to the rhythm and enjoy the energetic music.


A juice and shake bar is also available onsite where you can pump self full of nature after your session.

So if you’re after a new style of spin workout then get your buns down to Baker Street, you’ll be sore but happy.


The Time:  Class times vary, check time table here

The Place:  16 Baker Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 3BL

Price:  You purchase credits to book sessions, £20 per class or you can block purchase credits at a discount





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A Taste of Barbados

During these days of minimal sun we could all do with a dose of Caribbean culture and warmth, so this Saturday and Sunday head over to South Molton Street by Bond Street Station for some Bajan 5 star cuisine, a mixture of live music including Calypso and Jazz, Art, health and wellness demonstrations and last but not least Rum masterclasses.

Not a bad way to spend a chilly Saturday in May.


  • The Time:  From Friday 5th – Sunday 7th May, all day
  • The place:  South Molton Street, London, W1K 5QE
  • Price:  It’s free baby (thought so attractions maybe have a cost)
  • Contact:  Google search!!!


  • Images used taken by yours truly
  • Info used from

Sweaty Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is again upon us and you’re still date-less, but you hold onto the hope of getting a hot and sweaty this Tuesday, so what do you do?

Speed Dating Workout Session of course…what did you think I was talking about?!

Up Fitness are hosting a speed dating event on Valentines from 7pm in 2 of their London based location and 1 of their venues in Manchester.

10 men and 10 women will spend the evening traversing 10 exercise stations, and at the end of the workout all are invited to a local restaurant to continue the fun while dressed in more then spandex and trainers.


  • The Time and Date: Tuesday 14th February from 7pm
  • The Place/s:  Click here for details
  • Tickets:  Tickets are £20 a pop, click here for details
  • Contact:  UP Mayfair:, UP City:, UP Manchester:


A night of fitness and flirting, and even if you don’t find that special someone at least you finally took your arse to the gym!



Sweat is just fat spitting as it swears at you



The Yuletide festivities have come & gone and you’re fulfilling your New Years resolution of going to the gym, but you’re lagging, you feel your resolve starting to waiver, the enthusiasm you felt on the 4th Jan seems to have buggered off by the 14th, what to do???

You could stick with it, push through the ‘wall’ and battle on. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact ‘Big Up’ to you for persevering.

If you’re REALLY struggling you could consider joining an independent gym / Personal Trainer who might offer a personalised approach to training and keep you interested in the sweaty world of fitness.  If this sounds more like it then take a goosey gander at the suggestions below.


Road to Fitness UK

A jack of all trades and master of most Road to Fitness UK offers Personal Training, Martial Arts Tuition, First Aid Courses, Sports Massage and I think they also do stand up comedy…but only if you ask really nicely.  Based in Loughton (but they travel throughout London), the company has been going for 6+ years so can aid in your fitness goals however big or small.


Gemma Ridley Personal Training

Based in Islington North London Gemma Ridley offers Home / Gym PT sessions, outdoor workouts, High Intensity cardio classes and Boxing sessions for all levels of fitness. I would recommend doing her cardio classes but only if you don’t mind being a wee bit wobbly legged afterward.

krav maga

If Self Defence is more your thing then head over to Apolaki Krav Maga London in Bethnal Green, London’s only full time Krav Maga Academy.

Krav Maga: “a form of self-defence and physical training, first developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.”*

Specialising in Krav Maga Self Defence, Dirty Boxing and 1 on 1 Self Defence sessions, the school also offers Apolaki SPD – Self Protection for Dwarfs. A bespoke self defence system designed by Eugene Grant and Apolaki Krav Maga Chief Instructor Kelina Cowell, the system is  designed specifically for the body types and threats experienced by people with restricted growth  syndrome.

Trial classes available here

These are just a few suggestions, part 2 coming soon.




More London tube strike joy

Another month another tube strike, I hope everyone travelling through London today is making good progress, or has found a comfy spot somewhere to kip for the night. Now don’t get me wrong I support the RMT, but sometimes I wish their form of protest were slightly more helpful then a hindrance, for example allowing commuters to travel for free, in so doing keeping the support of the public while still offering a form of non-violent protest…I’m just saying.

So with the tube being a nightmare at the moment I wanted to find some alternative ways of travelling through the Capital, examples:

  • Boris Bikes (or Barclays cycle hire): if you can find one to use they are really handy and you don’t even need to register to use them, although if you want to use them regularly it would make sense to register as a member of the hire scheme. There’re docking stations all over the place, including 150 new stations throughout south west London, and free if you only use the bikes for 30mins at a time, FREE, love it.
  • River Taxi: You didn’t know the river had a taxi, well welcome to a brand new world my friend. Thames Clippers offers a 20min service  between all the major piers including Waterloo, London Bridge and Canary Wharf, extending out to Putney, Woolwich and Vauxhal. Single tickets start from £4.00, a little pricer for Returns but you get a discount if you use a Pay As You Go Oyster Card. Imagine your day beginning with a calming river ride, avoiding all the traffic, lovely stuff.
  • Liftsharing: Who knew this was a thing in London, but apparently liftsharing is becoming more popular and is environmental-friendly. There’re a number networks and organisations arranging carsharing, so if it’s a route you plan to go down make sure you do your homework, don’t get into any old car and stay safe. Here are a few sites I’ve found;,,
  • Skating & Scootering: We’ve all seen people (adult people) scooting down the road after dropping the kids to school, or in the city going to and from work, and you have to admit that it looks like crazy fun. 60mins of scooting action can burn between 800 – 1000 calories (depending on your weight, height etc etc) , that alone sounds better then fighting your way onto a bus, and they aren’t that expensive, on‘s site prices start from roughly £60.00, however if that is a little to steep you could try for a bargin, or, a bloody brilliant site were you can get things for free…there’s that word again.
  • The same can be said for skating, you can burn a crap load of calories, laugh at those waiting at the bus stops and look pretty darn cool while you do so. starting prices for rollerskates are from £50.00, £80.00 for rollerblades, however there’re a number of other wheelie retails through London and the interweb.
  • The other alternative is walking or Running, which is excellent cardio and again FREE. Believe it or not but there’re a few walking clubs around London and the U.K., along with running groups, why not band together and make the journey to and from work more sociable. Check out, or start your own groups at


Best of luck fellow Londoners, we’ll get through this together!


How Far Can You Walk From Trafalgar Square Without Crossing A Road?

“Until the arrival of motorised transport London was mainly a walking city. There are now signs of a revival thanks to traffic calming measures and the increasing realisation that walking is not only an easy option to keep fit but also a great way to enjoy the delights of the most exciting city on the planet. Transport for London which, believe it or not has a statutory duty to promote walking, is now taking its role seriously.”


I read this blog post on I thought it was pretty cool so wanted to pass it on.

If anyone gives it ago let us gossiping pigeons know how you got on.



Free thing to do in London, Revealed!

Laughter Yoga, Hampstead Heath North West London

UPDATE 05.01.13

The next session will be on Sunday 6th Jan, from 11am-12pm in the bandstand in Parliament Hill Fields.

To access the bandstand use the entrance by William Ellis School, on Highgate Road. You can call or text Mary Adshead on 020 7609 6145 / 07969 408 661 to join the session, email on, or simply just turn up.

Happy Laughing!


Laughter Yoga is a combination of Laughter Exercises with Yogic Breathing. so that you increase the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful resulting in you feeling healthier, more energised and alive.

“When we laugh we change, when we change, the world changes.” Dr M Kataria

Please wrap up warm, and bring a mat if you’d like to lie down for the relaxation at the end.


For more info visit their site www.


Date:   Every first Sunday of each month throughout the year; February 5, March 4, April 1 etc

Time: 11am, Just turn up or call Mary 0207 609 6145 or text 07969 408 661 or email

Cost: Free or donation to charity

Venue: Near the Bandstand in Parliament Hill Fields, on Hampstead Heath, London NW5 1QR
(nearest heath access by William Ellis School on Highgate road, go past the tennis courts, turn left at the drinking fountain, and the bandstand is just past the cafe, on your right)

We laugh for ourselves and world peace in this beautiful spot.’

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  • Image from