• 01/10/2020 4:55 pm

Pigeon Talks

Gossiping pigeons revealing the hidden beauties of London


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Last Min Halloween

If you're anything like me then although today is Halloween you still haven't made any plans, hopefully some of these ideas will help.

Cinema by the Pool

Tweet   Pools are great but do you know what would make them better, a movie. Imagine laying on a lounger with your drink of choice, relaxing, and then a…

Finish him

Tweet Who likes games (raises hand), who likes movies (raises other hand – now typing with my nose), put them both together and what do you have? Some questionable character choices,…

Barking Good Movies

Tweet   Oscar & Rupert based in East London are a Doggie-centric events company, because let’s be honest who doesn’t like dogs…oh you don’t, you’re a monster! People also like…

The age of Capaldi begins at the Tricycle Theatre

Tweet   It’s happening, it’s finally happening, Carnival hits the capital this weekend…I’m joking, although it’s true, Peter Capaldi finally comes to the small screen as the twelfth Dr. I…

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