Electrovision Cinema at Roxy Bar, Borough South East London


An evening of live cinema with cutting edge audio-visual performances, the next Electrovision and the first of 2012 will be part of the London Short Film Festival and present a line-up specifically tailored to this theme. They’ll feature new and groundbreaking live-cinema performances by artists blinkinLAB, Mia Makela, Eyesonthewall and Noname.


For further info on this or future events visit www.electrovision-cinema.com


Date/Time: Saturday 14th January 2012 8pm-12.30am

Tickets: £5 on the door

Venue: The Roxy Bar and Screen

                128-132 Borough High Street

                London SE1 1LB


  • Info used taken from electrovision-cinema.com

  • Images used taken from  roxybarandscreen.com


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