Owl be at the bar

Update: 17th March 2015

The dates for Annie the Owl Cafe have changed, it’ll now be open from the 9th – 14th April.

The ballot draw will now take place on the 5th April, but some guaranteed entry tickets will be available for purchase in advance,

Stay tuned for further updates and tidbits.


Sorry I’ve been away for a while, I was busy being lazy and then March happened, so figured it was about time I pulled my finger out of my arse and started posting again.

So belated Happy New Year and belated Happy Valentines day. Now back to business.

In two-ish weeks Annie the Owl and her pals will be opening a pop up bar in Soho, called ‘Annie The Owl’ (bet you didn’t see that coming).

For 1 week only you’ll get the chance to have a wee fruity drinkipoo in the company of some very beautiful winged friends, butttttt, you have to entry a ballot draw for the chance to gain entry. With more than 67,000 people showing their interest in this event can you really blame the organizers for going down this road.



To enter the draw click ME, you can apply for up to 4 tickets and will be informed as to whether you’ve been chosen by the 14th March.

The birds will all be accompanied by trained handlers so no funny busy you bunch of rascals.


The Time: From 8pm – 2am, Thursday 19th – Wednesday 25th March 2015

The Place: No idea!…only the chosen few are privy to that knowledge

Contact & Further Details: annietheowl.com email: sebslyall@gmail.com  |  Please note that there will be no alcohol available at this event, this is to help ensure the safety and well being of the birds, handlers and staff. All those allowed to gain entry to the event will be permitted 2 hours in the venue and will be seated randomly throughout.



Random event with some top birds revealed

Wrestling with Progress


Joke time:

What can you achieve if you cross a comedian with an events producer?…Progress, you’ll get it in a moment. 

This is Progress is a strong-style professional wrestling promotions company based in South East London, founded by comedian Jim Smallman and events producer Jon Briley, later joined by actor Glen Joseph. It is also the only British organisation running regular shows in central London.

Through their love of the sport they have hosted more than 13 matches since 2012, with the majority of them being sold out in days. Their Chapter 11 show selling out in just 24 hours, that is pretty damn impressive. Thanks to high demand the gentlemen have begun hosting events every few months, the next one being on 28th September…however this too is sold out, so the next accessible show will be on Sunday 30th November.

The company also run a training school called The Projo (amazing name), for aspiring wrestlers of all ages.

Although the world of wrestling is often not taken seriously, it’s fan base in the capital is growing rapidly. Perhaps those of us who associate wrestling with the madness of WWE should consider giving the sport another chance.

And for the record my favourite wrestler back in the day was Stone Cold Steve Austin, I loved that guy.


The Time: Sunday 30th November, doors open at 2pm show starts at 4pm

The Place: Electric Ballroom 184 Camden High Road, NW1 8QP

Tickets: For the event ‘Chapter 16: Very Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishii’ can be purchased from here!

Further info & contact details: www.progresswrestling.com. email: progresswrestling@gmail.com


  • Images used from wrestlingslasthope.blogspot.com  &  wlhdvdreviews.wordpress.com (robbraziephoto.com also credited for both images)
  • Info used from progresswrestling.com

Muscularly men in tight clothes, the sport can’t be all bad!

The most important thing to know at the Notting Hill Carnival


Carnival is almost upon us, 2 days (actually 2.3 days) of steel pans, colourful costumes and dancers embarrassing policemen, a brilliant tradition.

Now you might be thinking that the most important info to have at carnival is a map, so you can find your way around, you’re wrong, sort of. Perhaps it’s knowledge of the weather, so you don’t get caught out in another freak hail storm, you’re incorrect, kinda. Or maybe it’s updated travel info, nope nope no…but yeah. The most important thing to know while at carnival is where the toilets are, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t like squatting in the street, or if you have young children.

The Annual Notting Hill Carnival Celebrations Take Place

Lovely spot for a snog.

There’re always a number of portaloos dotted around, which is handy in an emergency, however the thought of using them is only slightly better then pissing in a bush. Regardless it’s good to know where they are, along with the businesses and homes in the area that will let you use their toilets for a small fee.

Below is a map of all the confirmed toilet stops in the area, we will continue to update the map as and when we receive new details.



We would also recommend carrying some wet wipes, hand cream, the smallest purse/wallet you can find, minimal electronics & a plastic bag that can double as an umbrella. You’d be amazed at how much some households charge for a square of toilet paper!

If this map helps to prevent just one person from wetting themselves, or saves at least one front door from being pee’d on then our work was worth it…we live in hope.


  • Images used from oliscarff.com, freakdeluxe.co.uk & google.com
  • Info used from Carr-nival mApp, Notting Hill App & twitter.com
  • Map created using Google Earth Outreach

Have a brilliant time at carnival, stay safe and stay within 5mins of a toilet

The age of Capaldi begins at the Tricycle Theatre



It’s happening, it’s finally happening, Carnival hits the capital this weekend…I’m joking, although it’s true, Peter Capaldi finally comes to the small screen as the twelfth Dr. I know a number of people who are losing their s*** over this, what they might not know is that they can also watch his first feature length episode on the big screen too.

The good people at the Tricycle Theatre have agreed to air ‘Deep Breath’ in their very cosy cinema, from 7.35pm on Saturday 23rd Aug, god bless peer pressure.

Any die hard fan, or “whovian” (I believe that is the semi-accepted term), should get themselves down to the cinema as, not only will they be showing the 80 min long episode, they will also be showing the exclusive Q&A session live from Leicester Square afterwards, and a never seen before, 5 min video from a future Dr Who DVD release. Pretty damn snazzy huh!

 For more info have a nosy at www.tricycle.co.uk


The place:   Tricycle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Rd, London, NW6 7JR

The time:   7.35pm sharpe,  no dawdling

Contact:   info@tricycle.co.uk,   020 7372 6611,   Box Office 020 7328 1000

The (time) Travel:

Jubilee Line to Kilburn station then a 5min walk down the high road.

Overground to Brondesbury station (from Clapham Junction, Richmond and Stafford) then a 2min walk down the high road.

Overground to Kilburn High Road Station (from Euston and Watford) then either a 20 min walk up the high road, or jump on the 16, 32, 316 or 332 bus for 3 stops.

Bakerloo Line to Kilburn Park then either a 25 min walk up the high road, or jump on the 32 or 316 bus for 5 stops.


  • Image used from digitalspy.co.uk
  • Info from tricycle.co.uk


Come everyone sing it with me ‘Dr Who-oo, yeah Dr Who, Dr Who-oo…oh wait, crap I forgot!

StreetFest 2014, Fish Island East London

StreetFest Scene from 2012

I love April and May for their many Bank Holidays, days for rest and recuperation or partying madness. If the latter is more your thing then may I recommend StreetfFest.

A day of live music, street dance, graffiti art, eating, sport and even a beach cocktail bar (I know where I’ll be spending the majority of my day) fun and frolics are bound to be had. What’s that I hear you say, you have kids and there’s no way you’ll find a babysitter in time, no problem children are welcome too.

Starting at 1pm till 11pm you can drive to the venue or, as I’ve just found out and am extremely excited by, the event organizers have arranged a shuttle bus service to & from Fish Island from Stratford Station, starting from 12.30pm for £2 each, that has to be better then paying £50 an hour for parking…I may have exaggerated just a little.

You can also shop and get a make over, so if you were thinking street dance and cocktails are for you think again.

Oh one more thing Goldie and Ms Dynamite are headlining, I don’t know about you but I love Goldie, if for no other reason than the guy is fun as hell.


Scene from Streetfest 2013





Forman’s Fish Island, Hackney

For more info go to:



See you there :0)

  • Info used from facebook.com/StreetFestLive & streetfest.net
  • Images used from facebook.com/StreetFestLive

Dolce and Amaro, Willesden Lane North West London




Spring has finally reared it’s beautifully, cherry blossomed head, and you find yourself in North West London in serious need for a properly made, Italy Cappuccino but also need to pick up some pasta for dinner…what do you do?

You head over to Dolce & Amaro in Kilburn, that’s what. The new (and very lovely) comers to the area, having opened in late Jan 2014, offer a wide array of delectable yummies such as homemade hot and cold food, PROPERLY made coffees and teas, cakes, some pre-packaged foods for instance pasta (hence the comment above), all available to eat-in or take away, including the CAKE.

Bless their entrepreneurial hearts they open from 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday, and 8.30/9am – 6.30/7pm on Sundays, those kinds of hours would kill me so I wish them every success!

Also I have it on good authority (the horse’s mouth, so to speak) that the owners, Dolce and Amaro, are quite found of people popping in for a chin-wag, so if you happen to be on Willesden Lane and are in need of some friendly banter, I personally recommend stopping by. The Cappuccino is also pretty damn good too.


Open hours:

Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm

Sunday: 8.30/9am – 6.30/7pm



98 Willesden Lane,

London, NW6 7TA


  • Info received first hand from the Co.Owner of Dolce & Amaro



Damn fine Italian coffee makers revealed



October is Black History Month in Britain (February for the States and Canada), so a friend of mine asked whether I wanted to go on 1 of the Black History Walks with him, ashamed and embarrassed that I knew nothing about such tours I just stood there and nodded like a prick, desperate for him to bugger off for 2 mins so I could do a quick Google search which would allow me to find relevant words to use in intelligent conversation.

4 hours of pathetic nodding later I managed to get on online and found blackhistorywalks.co.uk , who offer walks through Notting Hill, the City of London, Elephant & Castle and various other sites around London that have been touched by the presence of Africans and Caribbean’s in the city for centuries.

Each walk lasts roughly 2 hours, walks at each location happening at different times of the month, the website has all the details you’ll need for an informative and enlightening day out:



£9 for Adults, £3 for Children

All tours must be booked in advance, please state the number in your party at the point of booking.

Our history is what shaped us, but the future of our civilization can only be achieved through unity

  • Info used taken from blackhistorywalks.co.uk
  • Images used taken from farm3.staticflickr.com and blackhistorywalks.co.uk

Popchoir, various locations throughout London



So you love to sing but are terrified to audition, dream of being heard but brake out in a cold sweat at the though of being alone on a stage, well there is hope for you and thy be Popchoir.

Rest assured this isn’t your standard gospel type of choir (not that there is anything wrong with that), it’s more like Songs of Praises meets Top of the Pops with less pretension, it’s just people who love to sing and chose to do so in a group, while making a load of new friends in the process.

There’re groups popping up all over place, including Teen choirs, see the wee list below for London location details:



Victory Hall, Hainault Road, Chigwell 1G7 6QX

Rehearsal time:

Tuesdays 8pm-9.30pm



Chislehurst Methodist Church, Prince Imperial Road, Chislehurst BR7 5LX

Rehearsal time:

Mondays 8-9.30pm



The Church of Saint Vedast alias Foster, 4 Foster Lane, London EC2V 6HH

Rehearsal time:

Wednesdays 6.30-8pm



Clapham Manor Primary School, Belmont Road, Clapham, London SW4 0BZ

Rehearsal time:

Tuesdays 8-9.30pm



St Mildred’s Centre, 30 Bingham Road, Croydon CR0 7EB

Rehearsal time:

Mondays 8-9.30pm



St Barnabas Parish Hall, Dulwich Village, London SE21 7BT

Rehearsal time:

Wednesdays 8-9.30pm

Teen Choir rehearsal time:

Wednesdays 6.15-7.30pm



St Michael and All Angels Church hall, corner of Lavender Grove/Lansdowne Drive, London E8 3ER

Rehearsal time:

Mondays 8-9.30pm



Royal British Legion Club, Muswell Hill, N10 3NG

Rehearsal time:

Wednesday 8-9.30pm



St James’ Church Hall, 2 Sheriff Road, West Hampstead NW6 2AP

Rehearsal time:

Mondays 8-9.30pm


*WEST END (new for September 2013)

St George’s Church, 2A Mill Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1FX

Rehearsal time:

Tuesdays 6.30-8pm


Hopefully this has triggered the desire within you to obtain more information, if so have a nosey at popchoir.com or email info@popchoir.com



Sing till your hearts content my friends.




  • Image used taken from flickr.com
  • Info used taken from popchoir.com

Oxford Street Marmite Christmas Lights

I have to say that I’m impressed with the Oxford St christmas lights this year, digital faces and puking elves always make me smile :0)

If you want your face above Oxford St for all the lovely shoppers of the world to see, go to www.facebook.com/Marmite or click on the picture above,nice and easy.