Everyone deserves a Second Shot

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Coffee, black gold or the bean that stops me from committing GBH every morning is now doing more than merely waking up the masses, it’s combating homelessness in the capital too.

The Second Shot Cafe in Bethnal Green has combined London’s coffee culture with the fight to eradicated homelessness by hiring former rough sleepers, providing training & one-to-one support, food drives, community support activities, a pay-it-forward scheme where customers can prepay for items that can be claimed later by a person in need (loving that idea!), as well as a number of other initiatives that aim to help people reintegrate back into full time employment and ultimately a stable live style.



By using local vendors and working with Cafe by CrisisThe Connection at St Martins in the Fields Second Shot is doing it’s part for the cause one Espresso at a  time.


…I’m coming for a coffee and cake soon guys!


  • The Place:  Second Shot Cafe 475 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 9QH
  • The Time:  7am-6pm Mon to Fri & 9am-7pm Sat & Sun
  • Contact:  For more information regarding Second Shot and their mission contact them at their Twitter page @Secondshotcafe or go to their website Second Shot





*Info used from the good people at Second Shot

*Images used from Twitter.com/secondshotcafe & instagram.com/secondshotcoffee


Barking Good Movies



Oscar & Rupert based in East London are a Doggie-centric events company, because let’s be honest who doesn’t like dogs…oh you don’t, you’re a monster!

People also like going to the cinema when they have a bit of free time, well these geniuses have combined the two. Doggie Friendly Cinema does exactly what it say on the tin, watching movies with your 4 legged best friend in a welcoming environment with others who who don’t mind the odd woof every now and then.

On the 15th May Oscar & Rupert will be showing Paris Texas at Wringer + Mangle in London Fields East London, so if you and your canine companion are in the mood to get your movie on then click here.

Tickets also entitle you to 20% off food and drink in Wringer + Mangle, click here to book your table.





  • The Time:  Sunday 15th May, doors open at 2pm movie starts at 3pm
  • The Place:  The basement at Wringer & Mangle, Sidworth Street, Hackney, E8 3SD
  • Tickets:  £18.50 per human, dogs go free
  • Contact:  For more info click here, for tickets click here, for info regarding Wringer & Mangle click here



Happy Watching

  • Info from oscarandrupert.co.uk
  • Images used from oscarandrupert.co.uk & barkhappy.com



Sweat is just fat spitting as it swears at you



The Yuletide festivities have come & gone and you’re fulfilling your New Years resolution of going to the gym, but you’re lagging, you feel your resolve starting to waiver, the enthusiasm you felt on the 4th Jan seems to have buggered off by the 14th, what to do???

You could stick with it, push through the ‘wall’ and battle on. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact ‘Big Up’ to you for persevering.

If you’re REALLY struggling you could consider joining an independent gym / Personal Trainer who might offer a personalised approach to training and keep you interested in the sweaty world of fitness.  If this sounds more like it then take a goosey gander at the suggestions below.


Road to Fitness UK

A jack of all trades and master of most Road to Fitness UK offers Personal Training, Martial Arts Tuition, First Aid Courses, Sports Massage and I think they also do stand up comedy…but only if you ask really nicely.  Based in Loughton (but they travel throughout London), the company has been going for 6+ years so can aid in your fitness goals however big or small.



Gemma Ridley Personal Training

Based in Islington North London Gemma Ridley offers Home / Gym PT sessions, outdoor workouts, High Intensity cardio classes and Boxing sessions for all levels of fitness. I would recommend doing her cardio classes but only if you don’t mind being a wee bit wobbly legged afterward.


krav maga

If Self Defence is more your thing then head over to Apolaki Krav Maga London in Bethnal Green, London’s only full time Krav Maga Academy.

Krav Maga: “a form of self-defence and physical training, first developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.”*

Specialising in Krav Maga Self Defence, Dirty Boxing and 1 on 1 Self Defence sessions, the school also offers Apolaki SPD – Self Protection for Dwarfs. A bespoke self defence system designed by Eugene Grant and Apolaki Krav Maga Chief Instructor Kelina Cowell, the system is  designed specifically for the body types and threats experienced by people with restricted growth  syndrome.

Trial classes available here


These are just a few suggestions, part 2 coming soon.




Bob’s Happy Wheels


Comedy clubs are so passé, walls and roofs have been done to death, the future of comedy is on the road.

Leading the mobile funny-fest revolution is Bob Slayer, Edinburgh Fringe regular and owner of The BlundaBus, a successfully crowd funded project to convert a double decker bus into a bar & comedy venue.

Launched in mid 2015, the bus has made a number of red carpet appearances at the Croydon Comedy Festival, Livestock Festival in Gloucestershire and the Fringe itself as an independent venue, to name but a few.



During October you’ll find Bob’s Bus in Hackney East London (except between the 16th-18th as it will be taking a brief musical interlude in Whitby), click HERE to check the event listings.

The bus will be back on the Hackney Road in November after it’s stolen the show at the Nottingham Comedy Festival (grab tickets HERE), it’ll be sticking around till Santa kicks it out in mid December, so caught the bus before it drives off without you.


The Time: Between October to December 2015, click HERE

The Place: 459 Hackney Road, E2 9DY by the RE London Shoreditch Hotel (5mins from Cambridge Heath Overground station, & accessible via the 55, 48 & 26 buses)

Contact: Bobslayerakabobs@gmail.com, 07811 200 501, website www.blundabus.com






DIY Arty Madness


The land of the cool (Hackney) are playing host to Hackney Flea Market’s DIY Arts Market on Sunday 6th September.

Lots of handmade goodies, both the edible and non foodie kind, lovingly produced by skilled artisans, crafters and people who just love to create will be on offer for you lucky people.

If old skool vinyl records, hand flattened plates, one-off embroidered patches or sculptures of semi naked ladies (look at pic above) are your thing then get your arse down to the market, make the most of your Sunday damn it!


  • The Date: Sunday 6th September
  • The Time: 11am – 6pm
  • The Place: Epic Dalston, 13 Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 8BH
  • Who do you call: If you’re interested in trading at the next/any Hackney Flea Market event contact Mark @ hackneyfleamarket@gmail.com


The Pigeons gossip again!

Charity do at the Queen’s Place Sunday 19th July


On Sunday 19th The Queen of Hoxton will be hosting an all day charity event called ‘Lend Us Your Hands Rooftop Fundraiser’ in aid of the Tsum Valley Earthquake appeal.


Starting from midday enjoy crafting, live music, equally live street art and much much more. Kiddies and pets are also welcome, which makes a lovely change, however the website does state that the roof bar tends to get quite busy, so it may not be appropriate for the small ones to be at the venue past 6pm.

Artists such has Himbad, Lilly Lou, The Real Dill will be creating & selling their work on the day (all proceeds will go towards the appeal), along with indi brands The Deep Ecology Design Club & KODAI Clothing (to name but a few). A full list of the artists, photographers, brands and bands can be found here.BOAT-PARTY_FEED-therealdill_co_uk

“Stories from survivors of the Nepal Earthquake about their experiences and the current situation in the regions we’re supporting.” will be read throughout the day.

Rugman, creator of Streetwear label Rum Knuckles, will also be making an appearance with his wares, so keep an eye out for him too…and the frozen cocktails, lets not forget about those!


The Time: From Midday on Sunday 19th till midnight on the 20th

The Place: Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3JX

Travel: Closest station is Liverpool Street, 6min walk from the venue, the Central, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle lines as well as the Overground & National Rail services run through this station

Price: £2-£5 minimum entry donation

Contact: Email info@queenofhoxton.com, Tel 020 7422 0958


Hot Tub Cinema


It’s September, the days are getting shorter, the clothing becoming thicker and thoughts of laying on that sun soaked beach in a bikini are but a distant memory. But what if your swimwear could be saved from the oblivion of the back drawn, would you do what you can to help?

I thought you’d say that, your charitable nature is truly remarkable.

Hot Tub Cinema encourages people to don their finest Speedo garb, jump into the nearest whirlpool (the term ‘hot tub’ & ‘whirlpool’ are mostly interchangeable)  and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to grab some friends, – up to 8 people per tub – some silly bath toys and a waterproof camera to capture the madness.

Throughout September they’re showing ‘The Best of the Noughties’ movies, so here are your current choices:

  • The Hangover – 17th Sept
  • Team America, World Police – 18th Sept
  • Dodge ball, A true underdog story – 19th Sept
  • Finding Nemo – 20th Sept
  • Bridget Jones Diary – 21st Sept
  • Anchorman, The legend of Ron Burgundy – 22nd Sept

Over 8 years the company has evolved from a private party with 1 tub, to a 30 tub public screening event in London, New York and Bristol. During the summer the movies are show on a rooftop in East London, however everything moves indoors during the winter months, so you don’t have to worry about freezing your bits off. Also the hot tubs are filled with 40C water, which will keep you nice and warm.

Over 18’s only so bring your ID just to be safe. The venue is licensed so food and alcohol are available to buy, but must be consumed on the premise,  and no you can’t BYO.



The Place: Rockwell House, 10-14 Hewett Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3NN

Tickets: www.hottubcinema.com or www.eventbrite.co.uk

What to bring:

Swimwear, a towel, a plastic bag for the wet bits, some dry clothes, flip flops, silly (not rude) toys, inflatables, wigs, hats etc, waterproof camera, some cash and a smile.

Further info: Have a nosy at hottubcinmea.com or email hello@hottubcinema.com


  • Images used from marieclaire.co.uk & hottubcinema.com
  • Info used from hottubcinmea.com

Your decision to act has saved a pair of swimming trunks from obscurity, you should be very proud!

Free 3D printing at the Machines Room



Ever wanted to see how a 3D printer worked, or dreamed of using a laser cutter (no not as a light sabre…though it would be kinda cool), then look no further folks, welcome to Machines Room.

Based in East London, the Machines Room is a makers space filled with all kinds of wonderful gadgets and things to create with. Covering 2000 sq ft, the space is also used for showcases, meetups & product launches.

The amazing thing about this company is that they will let you use all of their machinery for *FREE*, however (there is always an ‘however’) they’re only free at specific times, everything you make during the free time slots has to be publicised on the company’s website & social media pages, and you can only use the equipment after completing a introduction session, which is fair enough. The last thing you want to do is receive 3rd degree burns while turning on the heat press because you didn’t know what you were doing.
Equipment available includes:
  • A 3D printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Heat Press
  • Embroidery machine
  • Digital kiln
  • A desktop miller, and a lot more stuff.

You will also have to purchase the materials, of which they have a wide verity, or I believe you can bring your own.

If your project is top secret, and you don’t want the competition eyeing up your prototype, then the paid time slots are for you. All sessions have to be booked in advance, you can’t rock up one morning saying, you had a dream about how to make a Star Trek style holodeck for public use, and must start creating, it’s not going to happen genius!
So for all you creative masterminds who never thought your ideas would see the light of day, now’s your chance to get making.
The Times: 
Free days are on Friday’s & Saturdays, you can book up to 4 hours with a machine if it is available.
Commercial (paid) days are Tuesdays – Thursday, again booking is required. From £25 per machine booking.
A health and safety introduction must be completed before using the Machines Room, these are every Saturday from 11am-2pm and must also be prebooked.
The Place: Machines Rooms, Limewharf Annex, 45 Vyner St, Hackney, E2 9DQ
More details: Check out www.machinesroom.org
  • Images used from the machinesroom.org facebook and instagram pages.
  • Info used from machinesroom.org
Flipping AWESOME thing to do, for FREE, revealed…I can’t wait to visit this place!

Meat me at the docks


Sweet treats don’t always come covered in icing, on occasion they’re served grilled to perfection, so for those who did not fancy my last post about cakes and tarts perhaps this one will be more to your liking.

Welcome to Meatopia, this event could literally be the carnivores holy land.

2 days of meaty goodness with more than 30 chefs showing off their skills, live music & demos, art installations and parking for 800 cars, in a venue that can hold 10,000 people. Not bad huh.

The professionals who have chosen to take part in Meatopia have been sworn to follow these sacred principals:

  • We promise…real fire – all meat must be cooked over logs or hardwood charcoal only.
  • …nothing but the best – all the animals must have lived natural, cruelty free, hormone and anti-bioticless lives.
  • …ethically sourced meat – all the animals must have been reared and butchered as close to where they lived as possible, and sourced from as nearby as possible.
  • …nose to tail treats – every possible cut of meat will be available, so expand your horizons.
  • …the best in beverages –  only the finest artisan drinks will be on offer.
  • &…live music and entertainment – exactly what it says on the tin.

If it is your fantasy to be surrounded by barbecues and racks of beef (again take that anyway you want) then head on down to Wapping, the meat sweats are a guarantee.


The Time: Sat 6th & Sun 7th Sept, from Midday – 9pm

The Place: Tobacco Docks, 50 Porters Walk,  Wapping, London E1W 2FS

Tickets: Can be purchased from here.

Contact & further details: Have a nosy at www.meatopia.co.uk.


  • Images used from facebook.com
  • Info used from meatopia.co.uk & foodepedia.co.uk


Don’t eat anything for at leat 24hrs before you go, you’ll need the space!

Bare ‘Fraff’ chat in Bethnal Green



I went to the pictures tomorrow

And took a front seat at the back

I fell from the pit to the gallery

And broke a front bone in my back

The lady she gave me some chocolate

I ate it and gave it her back

I phoned for a taxi and walked it

And that’s why I never came back

This was my favourite poem as a child, although technically a playground rhyme it was silly, confusing and mentioned chocolate, I loved it.

Over the years my taste in poetry has not changed a bit, so when I heard about Scottee’s ‘poetry piss up’ I became very giddy, there was jumping and giggles.

A performance artist and presenter, Scottee’s flamboyant persona has graced the audiences of the Royal Opera House, Radio 4, Dazed & Confused and Time Out London, to name but a few.Hosting regular poetry evenings called ‘Fraff’ he states that you “Don’t come if you consider yourself a fan of Pam Ayres”, you have been warned.

Showing in Rich Mix East London, you can expect readings from drag artist Jonny Woo and Michael Twaits, the ‘bestest shitty poem’ award, cheap beer & sweets and permission to heckle performers reading poetry about love, this is genuinely my idea of the perfect date!



The Time: 7.30pm Friday 12th September (check  Scottee’s website for future dates)

The Place: Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London E1 6LA

Tickets: £8, unreserved seating, via Rich Mix’s booking page.

For more details: www.scottee.co.uk or www.richmix.org.uk


  • Images used from vadamagazine.com & hgammerflitcroft.com
  • Info used from scottee.co.uk & richmix.org.uk
  • Poem by Mike Rosen and Susanna Steele ‘Inky Pinky Ponky collected playground rhymes’, published by Granada Publishing Limited 1982


Drunk poetry madness!