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  • Stanley Tucci Makes a Negroni – Make it at Home

Stanley Tucci Makes a Negroni – Make it at Home

Tweet  OK so who doesn’t like Stanley Tucci…that’s what we thought. And who (over the age of 18 – 21 in the US) really needs a cocktail at the moment…that’s…

Paddington Waterways Christmas Carol Concert

Are you feeling the Christmas Spirit yet?  No, then you need a dose of 'Carols' with a side of 'Merriment' and a pinch of Mulled Wine

Last Min Halloween

If you're anything like me then although today is Halloween you still haven't made any plans, hopefully some of these ideas will help.

May Day Bank Holiday 2019

TweetSo we missed the Easter Bank holiday (our bad) but here are a few ideas for your May Day Bank Holiday.     Lycra 80s Aerobics Party Everybody loves the…

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations 2019

Tweet It’s that time of year where everything turns green and enjoying some Guinness is a must. Not sure what to do for St Patrick’s Day, lets see if we…

Sky Dinner

Tweet Exactly what it says on the tin, it’s dinner, served in the sky or on a dinner table raised into the sky at the least. A 22-chair seated table…

Shoreditch Valentines Day Pub Crawl

Tweet You & your partner have just moved to East London, you don’t know the area very well, the best places to go for a drink or even anybody to…

Forrest Feasting

Tweet Dinner at home is so dull, eating at restaurants So blah-say , in 2019 we need to do food differently, it’s time for forest nosh. Enjoy a dinner party…

The Lost Lagoon at Shepherd’s Bush

Tweet Ahoy me hearties! Dry January is coming to an end and what better way to celebrate sobriety than by attending a Secret Rum Lagoon* From the 1st February Shepherd’s…

Cheap/Free NYE In London

Tweet   If you still do not have any plans for tonight and don’t want to spend your pension trying to get into your local pub, then have a look…

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