Making Your Own Gloves


Jumping on the back of our last post we thought it maybe a good idea to make your own gloves as well.

Yes we are in the UK so there is a very good chance that you already own a pair of gloves, but as we move into summer we probably won’t want to wear our woolen gloves in June, so lets make a summer pair for us to use while this sodding virus is still creeping around.

One of these tutorials requires a flame and a shape knife, so if you want to do this activity with children please be safe and do this part away from children and pets on a heat proof surface. Please also wear safety gloves and eye wear.




Thank you to the YouTube Creators Mana creative corner and Mo Styles for putting these Tutorials together.




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Stanley Tucci Makes a Negroni – Make it at Home


OK so who doesn’t like Stanley Tucci…that’s what we thought.

And who (over the age of 18 – 21 in the US) really needs a cocktail at the moment…that’s what we thought.

Put the two together and what have you got (get the theme song to Bitsa out of your head)?  Stanley Tucci teaching us how to make a Negroni at home, duh.

Thank you Sir Tucci.





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Make your own face masks at Home


So Sadiq Khan has finally announced that it is compulsory to wear face masks on the Tube and Buses after FAR TOO MANY TFL workers have passed from Covid-19. Trying to get a hold of any, without re-mortgaging your home, is like trying to find Atlantis so your best bet maybe to make them instead…also if you aren’t an essential worker and it’s not a medical emergency get the hell off of the public transport, what are you playing at!

If you have to go out for any reason it’s good idea to wear face masks and gloves for your own safety, and the safety of others.

So if you can’t get a hold of any face masks and want to try making some at home you can follow the Video Tutorials below. We’ve included a variation of tutorials, so if you try any of these please let us know how you got on:





Thank you to the YouTube Creators Dr Ryan SouthworthMaking It Easy with LizNammzzi the Monglish and Busy Little Guys for putting these tutorials together.




We’ll get through this

So, this is the World right now, but it won’t be the forever.

We might be separated but we do it for the good of everybody.

Lets support our NHS, our Careers, our Cleaners, our Supermarket Workers, our Transport Operators and our Emergency Services and continue to stay indoors.

It maybe difficult right now, I agree, especially with the weather being as nice as it has been, but if we stay inside now we will hopefully be able to go out during the Summer.

Just remember:

  • Wash your hands – then Moisturize (all this hand washing has left me with sandpaper skin)
  •  Go out once a day for some exercise – and no that doesn’t mean sunbath in the park or have a BBQ with 8 of your closet friends.
  • Wash your hands – then Moisturize
  • Go out only for essential items – but please don’t be a prat and buy 17 packages of toilet paper and enough Pasta to feed Islington
  • Wash your hands – then Moisturize
  • When you go out if you have something to cover your hands and face with please wear it – for the safety of yourself and other people
  • Wash your hands – then Moisturize
  • And every Tuesday (or whatever day it happens) at 8pm Clap for Our Heroes 
  • And of course wash your hands – can’t forget that.


We’ll get through this together, so until we can hug again go and read that book you brought 3 years ago but haven’t read because you ‘haven’t had time’ … you do now!


For more information Regarding Covid-19 please go to: 

For more advice please go to:


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