The Korean take over is imminent.

Joke time; What do you get if you cross a layer, a mathematician, kitchen utensils and a video cam? This (click the image to watch the video): PSY - LONDON STYLE

OK so that joke was crap, that’s what happens when you corrode away your funny bone with gallons of alcohol and cake, but I digress. Meet Hanbit (guy in the middle of the picture) one half of the Galbi Bros, the gentlemen responsible for taking the common burger, giving it a Korean style make over, then handing it back with a ‘ta dah’ smile. Has that peaked your interested? Good then I’ll continue. Hanbit and Moses met through their love of video making, after they respectively studied Law and Mathematics (the joke is starting to make sense now right) at Uni. Coming together to produce a parody of Gangnam Style, they came to realise that they also shared a love of food, and working together was the obvious conclusion of their meeting, plus it would be more fun than their original plans…smart fellas!1939599_607258606034710_967892211_n-facebook Using a traditional Korean marinade called ‘Galbi’, along with some other tasty titbits, they have reformed the usual burger & chips (& rice) with zingy, memorable favours that won’t make you feel dirty afterwards. The boys don’t tend to stay still for very long, so if you happen to be near any of the following places run up to them and scream “I NEED TREATS NOWWWWW” or perhaps just walk up to them calmly and place an order, so you don’t look like a mentalist.

  • Thu/Fri 11am – 2pm @ Tower 42 (near Liverpool Street Station)
  • Sat 5pm – 11pm @ Urban Food Fest (Shoreditch High Street)


Food porn

After more info, check out their website, or contact Moses at / 07753 304 650.

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Gastronomic wonders revealed!

A few places you didn’t think to watch the World Cup in


So every pub in London is screening the World Cup right now, and I have no problem with this, except that I sometimes get bored of going to the same places, as I know I’m not the only person who gets tired of repetition here are a few alternative venues to watch the footie:

  • Sushisamba- A Japanese Fusion restaurant & bar on the 38th Floor of the Heron Tower with panoramic views of London, bespoke national team cocktails and an astro-turf balcony.,  EC2N 4AY
  • The Crystal- Environmentally sustainable exhibition centre opposite the o2, has a gigantic HD cinema and can seat a crap load of people, perfect for the final. For enquiries,  E16 1GB
  • Bounce- Holborn based ping-pong bar which is cool in itself, they’re hosting parties after every England game, showing the games on multiple gigantic screens and have special cocktails., EC1N 2TD
  • The Vaults - Victorian brickwork arts space located underneath Waterloo, 30,000 sqft, hosting a party every night of the group stages, tickets still available for various games., SE1 7NN
  • Gremio de Brixton- Spanish candlelit restaurant/bar, located in The Crypt of St Matthews Church, 5min walk from Brixton station, a huge variety of Tapas available., SW2 1JF
  • Odeon- selected London cinemas will be screening games live & for free, check here for details
  • Imperial College London- It may come as a surprise but even college professors like to relax & watch football too, screening a number of the games in their student union bar and nightclub. Check for details, SW7 2BB
  • Sheldon Square- Outdoor auditorium currently housing a large screen for the games, situated by Paddington station and the Regents canal, surrounded by bars, restaurants and a giant chess set, family friendly area.

I was hoping to find a floating screen, or somewhere really unusual to watch the games, and believe me I’m going to keep on looking!


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London Vegan Beer Fest, Bethnal Green East London



Yes I am about to talk about another beer festival, and no I don’t have a problem with drink…I think, but as this is a Vegan festival I’m hoping you won’t be too mad at me. Started in 2013 by Fat Gay Vegan (that’s the name of his blog) and the Messy Vegetarian Cook (that’s the name on her blog too), London Vegan Beer Fest was created to bring their love of non-animal based treats to the masses.

Held in ever trendy Bethnal Green, the event will play host to a number of UK based Vegan/Organic breweries, and there’ll be a completely vegan BBQ. Beer, food, sunshine and music, plus the knowledge that no wee little beauties were harmed or used to produce the goodies.

A few things to remember on the day:

  • No ID no entry- though all ages are welcome only 18+’s will be served booze, don’t be an arse and think you can blang it.
  • It’s a ticket event so make sure you get yours nice and early- this only gets you through the doors, yummy goods are a wee bit extra.
  • Cash only- no plastic or cheques welcome, at least you can keep an eye on what your spending.
  • A zero tolerance policy will be in effect- act a prick and your backside is outer there!


For more info and details regarding tickets have a nosy at

P.S. There’re a few £5 early bird tickets left, shhhhhhhhhhhh


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Animal approved fun day revealed.


Summer BrewFest, London Fields East London


It’s summer time, supposedly, which means festival time and beer-o-clock for the next few months. Now it may come as a surprise to some of you but there’re quite a few micro breweries based in London, and what do you get when you mix London, festivals and London breweries? Summer Brew Fest in Hackney of course, dur.

A crap load of beer and ales under one roof for the tasting, I genuinely tried to count how many would be available and started to go cross eyed. I wouldn’t recommend you try. Don’t worry there will food on offer to soak up all the lovely amber nectar. Burgers, gourmet hot dogs, a warm summer’s eve and a home brewed beer sounds like heaven to me.

For all you intellectual types, there’ll be talks regarding recipes and materials plus a live brewing during the day. So if you’d rather study beer instead of drink it then this is still the event for you.

…did I mention there’d be live music too, there is literally everything you could want here in a festival, booze, food, music and even some learning, bloody awesome!



20th – 22nd June



Available from



Space studios, 129-131 Mare Street, London Fields, Hackney E8 3RH



Bethnal Green Station, Central Line

Hackney Central Station, Overground Line

London Fields Station, National Rail from Liverpool Street.

Buses: D6, 26, 48, 55, 106, 236, 277, 254, 388


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Booze festival fun revealed!

Art in the Arches, Southwark South East London

406 LED lights


So although London is well known for it’s extensive Underground railway system, it also houses a fair amount of tracks above ground too, above the street even. This results in lots of bridges and archways, which in turn can be a wee bit intimidating to walk through in the dark. The good people at Southwark Council and the Cross River Partnership dreamed up a swell little project back in 2002 (yes I know I’m late) called Light at the End of the Tunnel, where a number of light instillations have been installed to improve safety and aid the regeneration of the area…also they’re really pretty.

Inspired by Network Rail bridge ID numbers, the artist Ron Haselden continues where he left off from the ’401′ lighting project on Union Street.

A number of additional bridge regen projects near the Tate Modern and surrounding area have been undertaken, and lets be honest anything is better than suspicious streams of water and bird crap. Also, and this is the best bit, the works are energy efficient and eco friendly, giving off a miserly £20 worth of energy each year per installation, that’s ridiculous I spend more than that on coffee a month.


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Pretty lights under bridges revealed.


StreetFest 2014, Fish Island East London

StreetFest Scene from 2012

I love April and May for their many Bank Holidays, days for rest and recuperation or partying madness. If the latter is more your thing then may I recommend StreetfFest.

A day of live music, street dance, graffiti art, eating, sport and even a beach cocktail bar (I know where I’ll be spending the majority of my day) fun and frolics are bound to be had. What’s that I hear you say, you have kids and there’s no way you’ll find a babysitter in time, no problem children are welcome too.

Starting at 1pm till 11pm you can drive to the venue or, as I’ve just found out and am extremely excited by, the event organizers have arranged a shuttle bus service to & from Fish Island from Stratford Station, starting from 12.30pm for £2 each, that has to be better then paying £50 an hour for parking…I may have exaggerated just a little.

You can also shop and get a make over, so if you were thinking street dance and cocktails are for you think again.

Oh one more thing Goldie and Ms Dynamite are headlining, I don’t know about you but I love Goldie, if for no other reason than the guy is fun as hell.


Scene from Streetfest 2013




Forman’s Fish Island, Hackney

For more info go to:


See you there :0)

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More London tube strike joy

Another month another tube strike, I hope everyone travelling through London today is making good progress, or has found a comfy spot somewhere to kip for the night. Now don’t get me wrong I support the RMT, but sometimes I wish their form of protest were slightly more helpful then a hindrance, for example allowing commuters to travel for free, in so doing keeping the support of the public while still offering a form of non-violent protest…I’m just saying.

So with the tube being a nightmare at the moment I wanted to find some alternative ways of travelling through the Capital, examples:

  • Boris Bikes (or Barclays cycle hire): if you can find one to use they are really handy and you don’t even need to register to use them, although if you want to use them regularly it would make sense to register as a member of the hire scheme. There’re docking stations all over the place, including 150 new stations throughout south west London, and free if you only use the bikes for 30mins at a time, FREE, love it.
  • River Taxi: You didn’t know the river had a taxi, well welcome to a brand new world my friend. Thames Clippers offers a 20min service  between all the major piers including Waterloo, London Bridge and Canary Wharf, extending out to Putney, Woolwich and Vauxhal. Single tickets start from £4.00, a little pricer for Returns but you get a discount if you use a Pay As You Go Oyster Card. Imagine your day beginning with a calming river ride, avoiding all the traffic, lovely stuff.
  • Liftsharing: Who knew this was a thing in London, but apparently liftsharing is becoming more popular and is environmental-friendly. There’re a number networks and organisations arranging carsharing, so if it’s a route you plan to go down make sure you do your homework, don’t get into any old car and stay safe. Here are a few sites I’ve found;
  • Skating & Scootering: We’ve all seen people (adult people) scooting down the road after dropping the kids to school, or in the city going to and from work, and you have to admit that it looks like crazy fun. 60mins of scooting action can burn between 800 – 1000 calories (depending on your weight, height etc etc) , that alone sounds better then fighting your way onto a bus, and they aren’t that expensive, on‘s site prices start from roughly £60.00, however if that is a little to steep you could try for a bargin, or, a bloody brilliant site were you can get things for free…there’s that word again.
  • The same can be said for skating, you can burn a crap load of calories, laugh at those waiting at the bus stops and look pretty darn cool while you do so. starting prices for rollerskates are from £50.00, £80.00 for rollerblades, however there’re a number of other wheelie retails through London and the interweb.
  • The other alternative is walking or Running, which is excellent cardio and again FREE. Believe it or not but there’re a few walking clubs around London and the U.K., along with running groups, why not band together and make the journey to and from work more sociable. Check out, or start your own groups at


Best of luck fellow Londoners, we’ll get through this together!


Fashion Revolution Day, Global Movement


One year ago on the 24th April more then 1100 lives were lost and 2500+ more were injured in the Rana Plaza Factory collapse, in the Greater Dhaka area of Bangladesh. As a result of the *deadliest garment-factory accident in history a Global movement know as Fashion Revolution as began, pushing for more Transparency within the supply chain of the garment industry, the improvement of labour standards and factory working conditions.

On the 24.04.14 Fashion Revolution would like all those who are interested in the cause to wear their clothes inside out and tweet: Today I’m wearing my (shirt/dress/T-shirt etc.) #InsideOut because I want to ask @(brand/retailer) Who Made Your Clothes?


There are other things you can do to get involved:

  • Get in touch with the Brands you shop with, send them pictures of their garments and ask them ‘who made their clothes’, discovering the real people throughout the supply chain.
  • Check out their recommended reading list 

For more info regarding this movement and their mission please visit




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Get involved #Insideout

Dolce and Amaro, Willesden Lane North West London




Spring has finally reared it’s beautifully, cherry blossomed head, and you find yourself in North West London in serious need for a properly made, Italy Cappuccino but also need to pick up some pasta for dinner…what do you do?

You head over to Dolce & Amaro in Kilburn, that’s what. The new (and very lovely) comers to the area, having opened in late Jan 2014, offer a wide array of delectable yummies such as homemade hot and cold food, PROPERLY made coffees and teas, cakes, some pre-packaged foods for instance pasta (hence the comment above), all available to eat-in or take away, including the CAKE.

Bless their entrepreneurial hearts they open from 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday, and 8.30/9am – 6.30/7pm on Sundays, those kinds of hours would kill me so I wish them every success!

Also I have it on good authority (the horse’s mouth, so to speak) that the owners, Dolce and Amaro, are quite found of people popping in for a chin-wag, so if you happen to be on Willesden Lane and are in need of some friendly banter, I personally recommend stopping by. The Cappuccino is also pretty damn good too.


Open hours:

Mon – Sat: 8am – 8pm

Sunday: 8.30/9am – 6.30/7pm



98 Willesden Lane,

London, NW6 7TA


  • Info received first hand from the Co.Owner of Dolce & Amaro



Damn fine Italian coffee makers revealed

Million Mask March, Trafalgar Square West London


On November 5th 2013 the group Anonymous are inviting everyone to don a mask and gather for a friendly meeting of minds in Trafalgar square, followed by a SILENT stroll to Parliament, some music in the form of  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture then a tea party to finish off the evening.

The march, which is a global event, will also take place in Nigeria, Washington,  Romania, India, Melbourne, El Salvador plus numerous other cities World wide on the 5th.

The aim of the gathering is to meet and greet like minded people to exchange and share ideas. All are welcome and a blockade of the streets of West London the desired result…however the website have stated that should the streets become gridlocked emergency services will get through should they need to.

If you have a spare mask (or not) and feel like some tea and a chat in front of the Houses of Parliament then head down to Trafalgar Sq at 6pm on Tuesday 5th November…a revolution is afoot.

For more info have a look at and

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Peaceful exchange of ideas Revealed!