Star Man takes it to the streets




In remembrance and celebration of the legend that is David Bowie, The Ritzy is hosting a street party on the old stomping grounds of the great man this evening from 7pm.

Bring your instruments, speakers, a dish or 2 and most importantly a joyous attitude  to this free impromptu event.

Lets make sure the star man can hear us from the sky.



Sleep peacefully Mr Bowie,

the music industry and the world won’t be the same without you.

1947 – 2016


* The Place:  Brixton Square, in front of The Ritzy

The Time:  From 7pm

The Price:  It’s Free Baby!

* What to bring:  Any instruments, Speakers, Food, Umbrellas and Love you have to offer






2015 can get the f*%@ out



It’s that time of year again when we say ‘goodnight’ to the old, and ‘leave the curtains closed’ in the morning (afternoon) of the new.

2015 has had it’s ups, downs & horizontals but once more tis the time for new beginnings, so in the words of Bill Keane:


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.”


…that being said, remember when partying over New Years eve that water is your friend, guzzle down a load of the stuff during the night to help avoid a pain-filled spinner beginning to the year, like the people in the pic below. Ouch!





Here’s to 2016



Festive Greetings Old Chap & Chapettes

Happy Hanukkah,   Happy Bodhi Day,   Happy Saturnalia,   Happy Yule,

Happy Mawlid an Nabi,   Happy Mithras Day,   Happy Christmas,   Happy Kwanzaa,

 Happy Zarathosht Diso

Whichever flips your pancake, have a good one…enjoy these geometrically pleasing London Christmas lights from 1965.



Enjoy your time off work you crazy muppets!

Boom goes the dynamite – Lighting up London


It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate the thwarted terrorist attack on Parliament by lighting tons of gunpowder all over the Country…Guy Fawkes would be so proud.

So in commemoration of the plot of 1605 we’ve listed a few bonfire events for your viewing pleasure…and yes I know this is late…screw you guys I did my best here!


  • North London

*Alexandra Palace – Alexandra Palace/Wood Green: On the 7th Nov enjoy the view, Bonfire and festival at Allie Pallie, from 3pm tuck into some street food and craftbeer, enjoy

– Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY

*The Walker Cricket Ground – Enfield: Enjoy a funfair, food stalls and a bar (ears open adults) on 7th Nov from 5pm in Enfield, the fun stuff starts from 5pm and the display begins at 7.30. Adult tickets start from £6, childs tickets from £3

-The Walker Ground, 175 Waterfall Road, Southgate, London, N14 7JZ

*Scout Park – Bounds Green: If you’re a vegetarian or meat-lover head over to Bounds Green for a BBQ and fireworks display on the 7th Nov from 6pm, all the money raised goes towards equipment for the scouts, lets be honest anything that helps keep our little people occupied is a good thing, so don’t be afraid to flash the cash!

Adult tickets start from £5, kids tickets from £4

-Scout Park, Gordon Road, Bounds Green, London, N11 2PB


  • South London

*Chislehurst Recreation Ground – Chislehurst: A funfair, hog roast and the dance performance by the Glenlyn Academy Dance Group are on offer on the 7th Nov from 6pm, display begins at 7.30pm.

– Empress Drive, Chislehurst, London, BR7 5BG / Prices start from £6 for adults & from free for kids.

*Carshalton Park – Surrey: Stop by Ruskin Road for some live music, a bonfire and display from 5.15 on the 7th Nov, tickets will be £5 per person if purchased by Friday 6th, tickets bought on the day will cost £7.50 per person, under 5’s go free. All profits raised at the event will be donated to local charities & further local community support.

– Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road, Surrey, SM5 3DD

*Kingsmeadow Stadium – Kingston upon Thames: Fairground rides, and DJ set and live music to be enjoyed by all on the 6th Nov starting from 6.30, display beginning at 8pm. Tickets from £5 per person, under 5’s go free.

– Jack Goodchild Way, 422a Kingston Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 3PB

*Blackheath Common – Blackheath: funfair fun starts from noon on the 7th Nov, along with food stalls and bars, the display begins at 8pm and its FREE ENTRY baby!…though donations towards the event are welcome.

– Blackheath Common, Blackheath, London, SE3 0RW


Fireworks display at Alexandra Palace
  • West London

*Battersea Park – Wandsworth: Experience a right ‘Royal Night Out’ at this themed bonfire event, on the 7th Nov boogie down to live music, food & drink plus award-winning Jubilee fireworks from 6pm, display begins at 8pm.

Purchase tickets in advance from here, £8 per person until Friday 6th, £10 thereafter, no tickets available on the door.

– Battersea Park, Wandsworth, London, SW11 4NJ

*Ealing Cricket Club – Ealing: Family fun at Ealings Family Entertainment and Bonfire weekender, on the 7th Nov from 6pm enjoy a fantasy themed laser and fireworks show, accompanied by barbecue and mulled wine (for the adults only, sorry kids).

– Corton Road, Ealing, London, W5 2HS

*Ravenscourt Park – Hammersmith: Funfair plus 2 fireworks dos in Hammersmith on the 7th Nov, kiddie display starts at 7.15 while the main event, which’ll be set to music begins at 8.10

– Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, London, W6 0TH


  • East London

*Victoria Park – Bow: Victoria Park are getting their fireworks groove back on after 5yrs away, get down over there for 7pm on the 7th Nov to enjoy the renewed fun…and it’s FREE ENTRY baby!

– Victoria Park, Bow, London, E9 7DD

*Clissold Park – Stoke Newington: Superhero is the theme of this year’s event in Clissold Park, from 6pm on the 7th Nov enjoy a “musical extravaganza” and funfair while dressed as your favourite super hero or supervillain (it’s not mandatory to dress up), the display begins at 7. 30, adult tickets start from £7.50, kids tickets from £2.50, tickets must be bought in advance.

– Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London, N16 9HJ


Enjoy, be safe, and please please please leave your pets at home, imagine someone letting off firecrackers next to your ear for 20mins…exactly!



Bob’s Happy Wheels


Comedy clubs are so passé, walls and roofs have been done to death, the future of comedy is on the road.

Leading the mobile funny-fest revolution is Bob Slayer, Edinburgh Fringe regular and owner of The BlundaBus, a successfully crowd funded project to convert a double decker bus into a bar & comedy venue.

Launched in mid 2015, the bus has made a number of red carpet appearances at the Croydon Comedy Festival, Livestock Festival in Gloucestershire and the Fringe itself as an independent venue, to name but a few.



During October you’ll find Bob’s Bus in Hackney East London (except between the 16th-18th as it will be taking a brief musical interlude in Whitby), click HERE to check the event listings.

The bus will be back on the Hackney Road in November after it’s stolen the show at the Nottingham Comedy Festival (grab tickets HERE), it’ll be sticking around till Santa kicks it out in mid December, so caught the bus before it drives off without you.


The Time: Between October to December 2015, click HERE

The Place: 459 Hackney Road, E2 9DY by the RE London Shoreditch Hotel (5mins from Cambridge Heath Overground station, & accessible via the 55, 48 & 26 buses)

Contact:, 07811 200 501, website






There’s a Nuclear Reactor in Holborn


Have you heard of Paul Spooner, Tim Hunkin or Southwold Pier?


Well you have now, they’re all indi arcade machine makers who are currently showcasing their works at Novelty Automation, a new ‘homemade’, humour-based arcades room in the heart of Holborn.



You won’t find Pac-Man or Street Fighter here, experience the joys of ‘Divorce’, your own ‘Personal Nuclear Reactor’ or the power of the ‘Small Hadron Collider’ without the fear of destroying the universe in this novelty games hut.

Brain child of Tim Hunkin, lover of all things amusement based, he has created a haven for all those trying to escape Mario and his green brother.



For the chance to play a game of ‘Test your Nerve’, (where you place your hand in a dog cage for as long as you dare) or one of the other mad wonders they have on offer, head over to Prince Street in Holborn between Wednesday – Saturday from 11am-6pm, you’re guaranteed to leave giggling like a school kid of redbull.


The Place: 1a Princeton Street, Holborn, London, WC1R 4AX

The Time: From Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm, 12pm – 8pm on Thursdays

Price: Entry is free, prices per machine vary, however if you email quoting FREE TOKEN they’ll send you a free voucher to use on any machine.

Contact Details: Email for more details.


Happy Gaming!



DIY Arty Madness


The land of the cool (Hackney) are playing host to Hackney Flea Market’s DIY Arts Market on Sunday 6th September.

Lots of handmade goodies, both the edible and non foodie kind, lovingly produced by skilled artisans, crafters and people who just love to create will be on offer for you lucky people.

If old skool vinyl records, hand flattened plates, one-off embroidered patches or sculptures of semi naked ladies (look at pic above) are your thing then get your arse down to the market, make the most of your Sunday damn it!


  • The Date: Sunday 6th September
  • The Time: 11am – 6pm
  • The Place: Epic Dalston, 13 Stoke Newington Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 8BH
  • Who do you call: If you’re interested in trading at the next/any Hackney Flea Market event contact Mark @


The Pigeons gossip again!

Charity do at the Queen’s Place Sunday 19th July


On Sunday 19th The Queen of Hoxton will be hosting an all day charity event called ‘Lend Us Your Hands Rooftop Fundraiser’ in aid of the Tsum Valley Earthquake appeal.


Starting from midday enjoy crafting, live music, equally live street art and much much more. Kiddies and pets are also welcome, which makes a lovely change, however the website does state that the roof bar tends to get quite busy, so it may not be appropriate for the small ones to be at the venue past 6pm.

Artists such has Himbad, Lilly Lou, The Real Dill will be creating & selling their work on the day (all proceeds will go towards the appeal), along with indi brands The Deep Ecology Design Club & KODAI Clothing (to name but a few). A full list of the artists, photographers, brands and bands can be found here.BOAT-PARTY_FEED-therealdill_co_uk

“Stories from survivors of the Nepal Earthquake about their experiences and the current situation in the regions we’re supporting.” will be read throughout the day.

Rugman, creator of Streetwear label Rum Knuckles, will also be making an appearance with his wares, so keep an eye out for him too…and the frozen cocktails, lets not forget about those!


The Time: From Midday on Sunday 19th till midnight on the 20th

The Place: Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3JX

Travel: Closest station is Liverpool Street, 6min walk from the venue, the Central, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle lines as well as the Overground & National Rail services run through this station

Price: £2-£5 minimum entry donation

Contact: Email, Tel 020 7422 0958


World Pillow Fight Day, Trafalgar Square



This event has no rhyme or reason, it’s not in aid of a cause or charity, nor is it sponsored by a fortune 500 company trying to convince the public to buy their shiny new product, no,  this global (yep I said global) event has been organised by The Urban Playground Movement for the love of fun….and it’s free!


From 3pm on 4th April 2015 Trafalgar Sq will become a mass wave of madness, feathers and merriment, there’re a few rules however:

Rule No 1;  You must tell everyone about Pillow fight club/day

Rule No 2; Bring your own pillow & pillowcase, we don’t want those annoying edges scratching anyone now do we

Rule No 3; Do not hit any without a pillow or with a camera, look in the lens and give them a cheesy grin instead



So for the love of fun grab your mates, a pillow and your best war cry and head into battle


The Time: From 3pm on 4th April 2015

The Place: Trafalgar Square

The Price: It’s free baby!

Contact & Additional details: Check the info links below


Ridiculously fun day Revealed!

Happy Mamas Day



To all of the beautiful mothers out there (including my own) thank you for being awesome, for putting up with our crap and not going through with your threat to kill us when we ‘P’ you off.

You’re amazing, and we love you always.